3 Best Tools for Startups to Streamline Workflows and Communication

TAs an entrepreneur, the success of your business is your priority. Many concerns have to be taken into consideration like the workplace itself, employees, and especially business guidelines and procedures.

Business direction and procedures are one of the most vital concerns that need to be addressed as this will define the overall workflow of your business. In implementing them, business owners need to establish an excellent communication system. Making sure that every employee understands the protocols and guidelines is the turning point to run a business smoothly and efficiently.

If you are looking for simple ways to begin streamlining communication system, you may want to consider the following tools:1

  1. Google Hangout
  • Google Hangout is a chat software by Google. Best used by business owners, Google Hangout has many features such as instant message and video call and conference. If you are a business owner who has clients based overseas, you may be able to utilize this as well, as their video calls are free, provided that the other party is also a Google Hangout user. But its use is not limited to the executives only. In fact, using a chat software for the employees to interact quickly could result in a stronger camaraderie among them.2
  1. Google Drive
  • Google Drive is a cloud-based storage that offers a large capacity and has all the right features to keep all the data of your company safe. It also enables file sharing so you can instantly share folders and documents with the whole organization. What’s more, you can also invite particular employees to edit the shared files. Providing a shared server to allow sharing among your employees as well as to store files would make workflow a bliss.3
  1. G Suite by Google Cloud
  • This tool will help your business through features such as customized e-mail domain, instant compatibility with a wide array of interfaces, spam protection, and security. As early as the beginning of your business, it would be best to have one common email where your clients and other business partners may send their concerns. This builds an impression that the customer is consistently taken care of with immediate assistance provided via the designated email address. This particular service may be made available through the G Suite by Google Cloud. The system also has features such as automatic reply or notification, allowing you to know any pending request that has not been resolved yet within a given time.

Having a good communication line within your own business is one of the keys to the success of your business. If you wish to look for other options other than what we have mentioned above, you can choose from many of the Google Apps for work. As well as being widely available, they can also be tailor-fitted to your needs and preferences.