3 Essential Qualities You Should Look for in a Web Hosting Service

Anyone who owns and runs a website knows that aside from the design, the server that holds that site will ultimately determine how it performs. According to recent statistics, slow loading is one of the biggest reasons why people leave a website and don’t bother coming back. Unless you want to say goodbye to your prospects before they even get to know you better, it’s best that you choose a worthy hosting service to make sure your site is always performing at its peak. But with so many web hosting services available, how can you be sure you’ve chosen the right one? Avoid falling into a bad deal by looking for these three essential qualities of an effective web hosting service.

Image result for Server Reliability 1. Server Reliability and Uptime Scores – Your website should be available to guests 24/7 because you can never really be sure when prospects will decide to look you up. If they stumble upon your site and you’re not available for viewing, they might bump you off their list of options for whatever services or products they’re hoping to buy. When looking for a web hosting service, server reliability should be your first consideration. Because there is no such thing as a server that’s always available, look for uptime scores that are at least at 99.5%. Anything lower than that doesn’t deserve your time. Keep in mind that just because a web hosting service isn’t near you, it won’t do you any good. For instance, a lot of people avail of web hosting services in Malaysia even if they’re overseas because of their speedy and reliable servers.

Image result for upgrades flexibility2. Upgrade Flexibility – Are you sure your website will stay this size forever, or do you expect to see a growth in the number of guests you get over the next few years? If your chosen web hosting service doesn’t allow upgrades, you might need to back up all your information and move to a completely new server, which isn’t just a lengthy process, but also a costly one. A web hosting service that allows upgrades will be much easier on the pocket, and will make it much simpler for you to step up your site to meet growth and expansion needs. Likewise, you should also look for a hosting company that will allow you to downgrade in case you need to observe certain budget restraints later on.

Related image3. Straight Forward Hosting Control Panel – Unless you’re a tech savvy web admin, you might not be able to understand overly technical hosting control panels which could make it difficult to manage your site on your own. This can be particularly tricky for website owners who don’t plan on hiring a dedicated web admin, and intend to perform the function on their own. It really doesn’t matter what kind of control panel they offer as long as you can learn the ropes. Some web hosting services even offer short training courses on the topic to help jump start your admin duties.

In our modern day and age, it’s important that we don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to our websites. Be sure to give your clients and guests the best online experience whenever they visit your site by choosing the best web hosting to maximize your online presence.