4 Factors You Should Consider When Choosing A Virtual Private Server Provider

TGetting a virtual private server (VPS) is an option you should explore if you want more control over your server. In the simplest of terms, VPS is a combination of shared hosting and dedicated hosting. This means you get the perks and benefits of both types of hosting. VPS hosting mimics a dedicated server, but it’s within the bounds of a shared hosting environment. It’s advisable that you learn more on virtual private servers before you avail of the service. In finding the right service provider, you should take into account the following factors:1

  1. Managed vs. Unmanaged – When the whole virtual server is handed over to you, somebody has to be responsible for looking after its performance. If you don’t want to take the responsibility, then you should opt for a managed VPS hosting. The provider will look after and monitor your server. If you know the ins and outs of server management and you want to take responsibility for your server, then you should choose an unmanaged VPS hosting. It’s also worth mentioning here that unmanaged VPS hosting is quite cheaper.2
  2. Redundancy and scalability – These are two important features that you should take seriously. Redundancy refers to the availability of backup plans and resources. For instance, if the main power supply of the servers is cut off, there should be generators in standby to make sure that the servers continue to operate. On the other hand, scalability means that you can quickly increase your server’s capacity on a short notice.3
  3. Windows vs. Linux – You will get to choose whether your VPS will operate with a Linux or a Windows operating system. Each of these systems has its pros and cons. It’s advisable that you consult with an IT technician to provide you with an overview of these two operating systems.4
  4. Hardware – The obvious question you need to ask is this: Does the hosting provider have updated IT infrastructure? If they have state-of-the-art hardware, this means that their servers are efficient and secure.

In conclusion, getting a virtual private server is a good idea because of its dynamic performance, dedicated resources, and of course flexibility. But you can only get these if you hire a reliable hosting company. The company should be able to deliver its part of the deal. You can determine if the company is up to the job by looking into their services using the factors discussed above as your comparison points.