5 Most Helpful Apps and Online Workspaces for Freelancers

epa04134573 Two Turkish women try to get connected to the twitter web site with their laptops at a cafe in Istanbul, Turkey 21 March 2014. The social media site Twitter was blocked in Turkey early on 21 March 2014, amid an internet crackdown in the country. Some users said they could not load the site, while others were being redirected to an official website saying a court order was applying 'protection measures.'The move came just hours after Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan promised to 'root out' Twitter, after pushing through new legislation last month which allows authorities to shut down websites and track users' browsing histories.  EPA/TOLGA BOZOGLU

Like entrepreneurs, freelancers face many challenges. You have to learn how to work more efficiently, manage time effectively, and deal with clients. There are a few more challenges that could overwhelm you along the way. You, as a freelancer living in a digitally powered world, should not be stressed by these stumbling blocks because you are equipped with all the tools you need to get things done. Listed below are 5 of the best apps and online workspaces made especially for online workers like you.1

  1. Chrome For Work: designed for organizations, Chrome For Work is highly recommended for IT teams. This modern web browser makes it easy for companies to deploy and manage. It promises security technologies that could protect your organization from malware and viruses.2
  2. Slack: comes in free and paid version, this collaboration software gathers the team in one place. It lets you manage documents, message or chat with team members, brainstorm, and conduct audio and video conferences.3
  3. FocusWriter: freelance writing is a booming industry. People write emails and social media posts regularly. We write every time. Writing alone provides a number of sub-niches that will match your skill. For example, you can use your knowledge in business by applying it as a corporate copywriter. Or if you have the penchant for writing descriptive paragraphs, you could work as a catalog description writer. Whatever sub-niche you choose, it boils down to one thing: you have to be able to concentrate on becoming a great writer. This distraction-free word processor is perfect for writers regardless of their chosen niche.4
  4. Site Block: admit it, it’s hard to resist the temptation of checking Facebook or Twitter every now and then. “Okay, maybe just five minutes will do?” But those five minutes could eventually sum up in an hour or more in a day. If you are this type of person who finds it hard to avoid visiting other sites during work hours, help yourself by installing an extension like this.5
  5. Hootsuite: this social media management tool saves you time promoting your work and also allows you to collaborate with others. You can use the tool’s web-based dashboard to execute a campaign for your business. It comes with analytics tool and engagement tool as well, which you will find helpful when you are a freelancer.

Have you used any of these apps? If you have suggestions, feel free to share them here. Successful freelancing is possible with a few hacks and apps. Let’s end this post with some golden rules to live by. Work harder, smarter, and better. May these apps help you achieve your goals in your freelance career!