Google AdWords

What is AdWords?
AdWords is Google’s advertising platform that allows you to promote your business on:
– the Search Network, e.g.
– the Display Network, i.e. Google properties and participating 3rd party websites.

Combined, you can reach out to 83% of the total Internet population!

What does the Display Network consists of?
It consists of Google’s properties like Gmail, Blogger and YouTube. It also consists of 3rd party websites that participate in their Adsense for Publisher program, which includes local websites like The Star Online, Malaysiakini, and

Why should I advertise on AdWords?
– the only way to advertise on the world’s biggest search engine.
– get your ads up and start getting sales leads in under an hour.
– significantly cheaper than traditional advertising.
– you only pay for performance, i.e. ad clicks, and not eye balls.
– measure the performance, all the way down to conversions.
and many, many more benefits.

How much does it costs?
Google offers different charging methods but the most popular one is cost-per-click (CPC), where you pay only if someone clicks on your ad. On the Search Network, it depends on how competitive the keyword is and how much you’re willing to bid for that keyword. For example, the CPC for “calculator” costs RM0.10, while the CPC for “serviced office” can go up to RM40.

You can use Google’s free Keyword Planner to estimate the monthly search volumes for keywords that are relevant to your business and also the corresponding CPCs.

Is AdWords difficult to manage?
While it was designed for end-users, it can be quite technical and requires a certain amount of basic knowledge. However to create an “optimized” campaign, you require lots of experience, in addition to knowledge. Otherwise, your ads rank lower, you pay higher CPCs and end up with lower conversions.

Can I outsource my AdWords campaigns?
Yes, you can. A good place to start is Google’s Partners website, where they list AdWords-certified agencies in Malaysia and globally.

When selecting an agency, ask if they are a Google Partner and their AdWords experience, the minimum contract length (the shorter, the better), if you have access to the AdWords account, and whether they focus on conversions or just clicks.

How much does outsourcing costs?
The management cost in Malaysia varies from agency to agency, and typically ranges between 15% to 30% of your budget. In addition, the company may charge you a setup fee.

For example, SearchGuru (i.e. the agency featured on the Google Partners portal) charges a monthly management fee from RM590 for budgets of up to RM5,000 a month. Visit their Google AdWords services page to learn more.