What Is Server Colocation?

In the simplest of terms, server colocation involves housing your servers and networking equipment in a data center owned by a third party. In short, you provide the equipment and the data center provides the necessary power, ping, pipe, bandwidth, and rack. On top of providing you space for your servers, the data center is also responsible for making sure that your servers are deployed and managed properly.


Main Reasons Why You Should Choose Colocation

1. Less IT Infrastructure and Management Expenses

Always keep in mind that colocation enables you to use as leverage the resources that a data center has. You make use of these resources at a fraction of the cost. Colocation can cut down your IT expenses in half or more; depending on the size of the racks that you are going to rent.


2. More Reliable And Higher Uptime Rate

Colocation data centers usually offer network reliability of 99% or above. This means that your servers will rarely go offline. This is very important if your business relies on customers who purchase your products or services right from your website.


3. Customer Support That Runs 24/7

Whenever you come across a problem, you can always call or message the data center anytime during the day or night. With around the clock support, you don’t have to worry about massive losses during downtimes.


4. Better Data Security And Protection

What’s great about colocation data centers is that they often use several levels of security systems. That said, you are confident that your sensitive data will never fall into the hands of hackers, scammers, or phishers.


5. Easier To Scale

You can always update and expand your bandwidth depending on the growth of your website. Updating your servers can take just a few minutes.


In conclusion, this setup is a great option for small to medium businesses who want the features and functions of a huge IT department without the astronomical costs. The good news is that there are several data centers which offer server colocation in Malaysia. It’s advisable that you choose the center that’s nearest your business location for easier access and overall convenience.


Having a reliable email hosting provider is critical to the growth and success of your business website. The majority of your communications with customers will likely be through email. That said, it’s important that you find a provider who is a good fit for your business website. To help you get started, below are some of the essential features you should look for when getting the services of an email provider:


1. The ability to perform A/B testing

This is a marketing technique that allows you to test how people respond to your emails. Basically, you create two types of messages, send them out, then track which type of message gets the higher engagement rate. It’s an excellent way to test out new products and services.


2. The availability of different email templates

Your established and potential customers can get bored if they regularly receive the same message format from you. With templates, you can customize your messages in different ways to make them look fresh and easier to read. You can toggle between several templates every time you send a mass email to your customers or subscribers.


3. Mobile compatibility

Recipients of your messages should be able to open them using their tablet, smartphone, or other mobile devices. Before you make a deal with an email provider, it’s important that you inquire if their services are optimized for mobile devices.

This usually means that their inbox platform should have a responsive template. An email recipient should be able to read the message whether he’s opening his inbox through a mobile device or a desktop computer.


4. Ability to integrate the mail with social media

The people who receive your email should have the capacity to share an email to Facebook or Twitter directly. This would make for a great marketing tool because most people these days are active on social sites like Facebook.


These are the functions that will help you get the most out of your emails. With these features, it will be a lot easier for you to manage, categorize, store, and organize your emails. When you have these four features, you’ll have more valuable time and resources which you can spend on other more important tasks.

4 Factors To Consider In Finding The Perfect Email Hosting Service For Your Business

If you are the owner or manager of an online business in Malaysia, you are going to need a reliable email hosting service for communication purposes. Always keep in mind that email remains the most efficient way to communicate with your employees, customers, and business partners. Below are the most important factors you need to consider when looking for a good and reliable email service provider:

  1. Administration and ease of use

Generally speaking, you should have complete control over the management of your emails. The provider simply gives you the platform, and you should have the freedom to use it in any way you want. This is particularly the case for business websites wherein you have to customize your emails depending on your customer base.


  1. Security

Email hacking and phishing remain the two most common ways in which hackers steal sensitive data. The email host you hire should have tight security measures in place to prevent these hacking attacks. One way of determining if a provider has stringent security measures is to ask for their security certifications.

  1. Archiving and storage capabilities

You should be able to easily categorize your messages based on a particular set of criteria. For instance, you should have the ability to separate customer emails from the ones sent by business partners. And of course, there should be enough storage space should you decide to save and archive all incoming messages.


  1. The efficiency of customer support

Email systems can sometimes go down. In these instances, you can lose a lot of clients and potential sales. The damage can be minimized if the problem is fixed as soon as you send a support ticket. That said, you need an email provider that employs a team of experienced and vigilant support technicians.

If an email service provider passes the test with regards to the factors mentioned above, then it’s a good fit for your business. It’s advisable that you try the service for some time before you fully commit to it. The majority of email hosting companies offer free trials wherein you get to experience the features and functions of the service before you decide to purchase it. You should take full advantage of these free trials.

Top 5 Best Web Hosting In Malaysia

Web Hosting

With hundreds of options on the market, it can get pretty tedious when looking for the best Malaysia web hosting service. We make it easier for you by narrowing down the five best web hosting in the country:

  1. Sempoi Hosting

Priced at RM 500 per year, Sempoi Hosting’s key features include daily backup, cPanel and Softaculous, unlimited add-on domains, 100GB disk transfer, and 10GB disk space. The host has a speed of 226 ms (in Asia). It’s a great host if you have a global audience.

  1. HostGator Cloud

Priced at RM 412 per year, HostGator Cloud’s key features include cPanel, easy scalability, fast load time, unlimited disk transfer, and unlimited disk space. The host has a speed of 189 ms (in Asia). For those who want to save more and need a guaranteed reliability and speed, this is the top choice.

  1. Inmotion Hosting

Priced at RM 215 per year, Inmotion Hosting’s key features include 24×7 US support, SSH access, unlimited data transfer, Max Speed Zones, and free domain name. The host has a speed of 199 ms (in Asia). With its unlimited bandwidth and storage, you get to save more on your resources. The host is also a good choice if you have a global audience.

  1. Site Ground

Priced at RM 213.30 per year, Site Ground’s key features include free daily backup, free Cloudflare CDN, cPanel and SSH access, 10k visits per month, and 10GB SSD storage. The host has a speed of 60 ms (in Asia), making it the fastest host in Malaysia. What’s more, it also happens to be the most affordable web host, perfect if you want to get a bang for your buck.

  1. Exabytes

Priced at RM 269 per year, Exabyte’s key features include 24×7 e-mail support, WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, 100GB disk transfer, and 50GB disk space. The host has a speed of 68 ms (in Asia). If you have a Malaysian-majority audience, this might be for you.


Since signing up for a web host can be pricey, make sure you do enough research and read all the user reviews that you can find. You can also ask around for more info before deciding on the best Malaysia web hosting for your business or personal website.

best Malaysia web hosting for your business or personal website

4 Incredible Tips On Choosing The Best Dedicated Server Hosting In Malaysia


The Best Dedicated Server Hosting In Malaysia

There is a wide range of companies in Malaysia that provide dedicated server services to website owners, but only a select few usually offer attractive services. So, how do you know you’re choosing the most efficient dedicated server suitable for your needs? Below are some handy tips to guide you in selecting the best web hosting company.


  1. Ask the kind of dedicated server a company hosts

Many providers host Linux and Windows to render web hosting services for clients. Depending on your hosting needs, you may choose a company that hosts a Linux server over Windows. This is because Linux has a high reputation for maximum security, better speed, and more reliability. On the other hand, with a company that hosts a Windows server, you can be sure to enjoy the enhanced flexibility and efficient costs than in Linux. Therefore, weigh the advantages and features of each server, and then choose a dedicated hosting server that matches your needs.


  1. Determine the kind of RAM and CPU capacity you need

Many times when you’re managing a static website that requires minimal changes and movement, the RAM and CPU requirements will be less. But if your site generates horde traffic every day, from frequent updates and forums, then you’ll require higher RAM and CPU requirements. Determine first the RAM and CPU requirement your website would need to operate smoothly with any hosting server.


  1. Check the range of bandwidth a hosting server provides

A site with lots of traffic and high movement all the time requires higher bandwidth than a site that does the complete opposite. Check the amount of bandwidth a hosting server provides its clients every month, and quantify whether that bandwidth is efficient for your needs. Although it’s worth knowing, most providers charge customers more to enjoy a higher bandwidth on their online businesses. This may affect your web hosting budget, so give this issue some careful thought and then make a verdict.


  1. And finally, look for customer reviews

If you want to do business with a hosting service but are not sure whether it’s authoritative, check what other people are saying about their services. Do a search on social media platforms. Dig through webmaster forums and other potential places online to find opinions on the kind of experience people have had with that company. Finally when you’re completely satisfied and have your green light, get into business with that hosting server and enjoy its service.


Most of the time choosing a hosting provider will much depend on your specific technical requirements, the budget allotted, and business needs. Although dedicated server hosting may be more expensive than shared hosting services, website owners enjoy an array of attractive deals and privileges than the latter.

For example, you’re able to carry out site maintenance and a range of activities without any restrictions.  And your site is backed up with the highest, optimum security checks around the clock making it impossible for any malicious hacker to attack your site. Follow the cool tips shared in this guide to choose the most efficient dedicated servers in Malaysia, sure to yield excellent results all the time.

choose the most efficient dedicated servers