How to Ensure You Are Getting the Most from Your Web Hosting Provider

If you want your business to be successful and competitive, then you need to have a website everyone can access online. This means working with a web hosting provider. You want to make certain that you are using the provider and all resources effectively. Knowing the right way to utilise the service is going to increase the effectiveness of your website and minimise and problems. You can do several things to ensure you get the most from you web hosting service.

Get More Storage Than You Need

You are going to end up using more disk space than you figure over the life of your website. This is because your website will grow steadily as you add new content or offer more products. You do not want to be in a situation where you are counting every byte because of severe storage limitations. Make certain that you get far more storage than you need when choosing a web hosting provider. This will ensure that you have the space needed to expand your website when the time comes.

Use a Content Management System

You can access your web hosting account in many different ways. Some people try to use a command line in a shell. Others do things primarily through a file transfer protocol client. The way to really get the most from web hosting services is to use a content management system. A content management system is a single program that lets you upload, modify and maintain your website. The system has a simple user interface that does not require you to learn complex technical aspects such as file permissions.

Utilise All Analytical Tools

Many hosting services provide analytical tools for you to use. If they are not an integral part of the account, then you can use third-party services to do the job. You need to utilise all of the analytical tools you have access to so that you can get a good picture of what is happening with your site. Analytical tools can give you granular information about where your visitors are coming from, what they are looking at and how they are navigation your website. Look closely at the data from the tools in order to modify and streamline your website.

Think About Managed Services

Managed services are some of the most useful features of modern web hosting providers. This type of service means that the hosting provider is going to do some technical tasks for you. Managed services can include many things from making daily backups of your data to installing new scripts or server-side apps. It can also include automatically updating the operating system and balancing resources for maximum performance. Managed services allow you to focus on marketing, website content and your business instead of spending a large amount of time on technical issues.

You need to think of your website hosting service as a valuable partner for your business. You must always look at all the opportunities that are available through the provider. Take advantage of everything you can. Getting the most from your hosting service will make running a successful website much easier.

Top Cycling Tips for Beginners As Shared by The Pros

Cycling is a healthy and enjoyable sport that gives you the opportunity to explore your outdoor environment. If you do it vigorously, it gives your heart and circulatory system a great workout, and it can help you burn up to 520 calories per hour. As a beginner, there are several ways to enhance your cycling experience. We got the professional folks at to share their top cycling tips for beginners:

Wear a Helmet

Each year, more than 6,000 cyclists seek treatment for head injuries in the US, and head trauma accounts for over 75 percent of cycling deaths. If used correctly, helmets can prevent more than 90 percent of the brain injuries. Thus, select a helmet that meets the US Consumer Product Safety Commission standards. Also, you can look for a helmet with a sticker of the Snell Memorial Foundation. When buying a helmet, choose one with a bright color and that fits you well.

Buy a Bike That Fits Your Frame

To find the perfect bike that suits your body size, straddle the bike and stand with your feet on the ground. If it is a road bike, it should have a two-inch clearance between your groin and the top tube. But if it is a mountain bike, the clearance should be at least two inches. The handlebars should be an inch below the top of the seat. Purchase a bike from a respectable dealer that can help you find a suitable bike.

Select the Right Seat

A narrow, hard racing bike seat can be quite uncomfortable, especially for women that tend to have widely spaced “sit bones”. Special wider, more cushioned seats can be easily installed. Also, gel-filled pads or saddles are available, and they can reduce pressure and friction on the seat. Position the seat so that the knees are only slightly bent at the lowest level of the pedal rotation. If they are too bent, the seat is probably too low. And if you have to reach for the pedal at the lowest extension of the lever, the seat is probably too high.

Start Gradually

If you are physically unfit, go easy on the exercises. Pedal for 30 minutes per day on a flat terrain for the first month. You can then increase the intensity and choice of terrain gradually adding hilly areas as part of your workout. You should also share the fun with others. Riding in a group makes it easier for you and makes you get more motivation from the team.

Dress Comfortably

If you often cycle, wear a pair of sleek cycling shorts. Bike shorts have less fabric, fewer wrinkles and bunching up, thus producing less irritation on your skin. It is important to choose shorts without seams, and ones with a special lining to absorb perspiration.
Choose Bright Colors in Low Light

Avoid night time rides. Most cycling deaths have been reported to occur from 6pm onward. If you are anticipating riding in low light, wear reflective clothing with bright colors and put reflective tape on your bike and helmet. Also, install bright headlights and blinking tail lights. You may also attach a strobe light to your bike to make it easy to be seen at night or under low lighting conditions.

Cycling is an excellent sport that will make you physically fit. However, you need to select a good bike from a bicycle buy and sell dealer that suits your body size and also wear protective gear to reduce the chances of injury and accidents.

Recommended story for entreprenuers: Vinod Sekhar, the founder of Petra Group and Green Rubber Global

Green Rubber Global: Saving Wastage Through Green Rubber

The Petra Group is known as an interesting mix of paradigm shifting companies which seek to commercialize recycled rubber through its subsidiary company Green Rubber Global Ltd.

Green Rubber has differentiated itself from other self-proclaimed ‘recycled’ rubber by patenting the DeLink process which devulcanizes and revulcanises rubber to be remade into a host of high end applications that includes tires to sporting goods. This also includes a deal with Timberland shoes that is now using 50% Green Rubber soles in stores.

The Green Rubber Global’s technology benchmarks the efforts and passion devoted by Datuk Vinod Sekhar, the Chairman and CEO of the Petra Group, which is named after his daughter, Petra.

Vinod emphasized the seriousness in disposing 1.3 billion tires yearly, as it causes water pollution and becomes the habitat for disease carrying insects.

He believe that with Green Rubber’s environmentally friendly technology, waster rubber can be recycled in a cost effective manner while providing customers with high quality customized compounds that are no more expensive than virgin rubber.

Green Rubber recycles an equivalent of more than 200 million discarded tires yearly since 2012. This was made possible through the launching of an aggressive expansion program that it is now opening new manufacturing plants in the Americas, the Middle East, Asia and Europe. Its first US plant, located in Georgia is fully operational.

The technology was developed by Vinod’s father, the late Tan Sri BC Sekhar, who was the chairman of the Malaysian Rubber Research Development Board and known affectionately as the father of Malaysia’s modern rubber industry, The DeLink process is the benchmark of the Green Rubber technology.

The importance of recycling rubber is increasing every year in tandem with theincreasing virgin rubber prices. China and India are among the biggest users of virgin rubber, while synthetic rubber is now growing more expensive as it is a product linked to the price of oil.

Green Rubber, on the other hand can be produced at a cost that is competitive with virgin rubber and reduce wastage at the same time. Hence, the prospects for this type of recycled rubber is growing by the day. Vinod Sekhar is now at the forefront of reaping the benefits of such growth.

Datuk Vinod Sekhar – The Comeback Kid

When the word ‘comeback’ comes to mind, one would associate it with heroes or inspirational figures that have been killed-off but managed to rise from the ashes stronger, like a phoenix.

Comebacks are not for the weak hearted or the ones who give up easily in the face of adversity. No, comebacks are for the strong. In order to make a comeback, one must first have the strength to persevere through hardships. And Vinod Sekhar was one individual who possessed the mental and spiritual strength to go through hardships and rise from it stronger to make his comeback.

At one point in his professional career, Vinod Sekhar was at the lowest point in business. And he moved towards the only direction which he knew – up.

Before the crash, he had invested money overseas and the pay offs were beginning to show. The time was ripe for his comeback, but first he had to decide in which direction he wanted to move or as he puts it, “whether to depend on friends and government contracts or go back to what I believe in … go back to technology and the toys I believe in.”

There were Bill Clinton in 1992, George W Bush in 2004, Donald Trump in 1994 and Liverpool in 2005. All great and famous comebacks, and while Vinod may not have been internationally renowned as them at that time, nature of his return was something not to be ignored. Also See: Bill Clinton Compliments Vinod Sekhar

Vinod’s comeback was no less just as impressive. The key to his and The Petra Group’s comeback is one of the company’s anchor technologies developed by his father, the late Tan Sri Dr BC Sekhar.

The older Sekhar helped cultivate the strong feeling of nationalism and patriotism that is apparent in Vinod today. The first Asian Director of the Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia and the recipient of the 1973 Ramon Magsaysay Award for Government Service, B.C Sekhar or “Mr Natural Rubber” as he is fondly called, developed a technique for the recycling of vulcanised rubber and it was this that Vinod decided to venture into for his business comeback.

The rest is now history and now his company, Green Rubber Global Ltd is providing the technology to Timberland branded shoes too.

#MyCyberSale Malaysia’s Biggest Online Sale Campaign 2014

Golden chance to boost your sales online!!! #MYCyberSALE Online Sales Campaign runs by Multimedia Deve­lopment Corporation (MDeC), and is endorsed by the Communica­tion and Multimedia Ministry. This 3 days campaign from 29 September to 1 October 2014 is to target RM50mil in sales and 100,000 shoppers. MDeC Chief Operating Officer Ng Wan Peng said this event is to encourage Malaysian and international merchants to do their business here, making Malaysia a popular hub for e-Commerce in Asia.

Learn more about this at #MYCyberSale Malaysia’s Biggest Online Sales 2014