Google Apps For Work: The Best Way To Properly Manage And Grow An Online Business


One of the drawbacks of running an online business is that the technical aspects of it can cause a lot of wasted time and resources. This is especially true for entrepreneurs who are not that familiar with digital tools and applications. The good news is that there’s a really practical solution for online entrepreneurs who are not that tech-savvy. And this solution is Google Apps for Work, now more popularly known as G-Suite. Owned and operated by the search giant Google, G-Suite contains several tools and applications that make it easier to run and manage an online venture.

The Main Features of G-Suite

1. Content-creation tools: G-Suite comes with a full array of applications that enable users to create, edit, and save content. This content can be in the form of textual documents, videos, photos, presentations, spreadsheets, or a combination of all these types of files. These files can be created using Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Sites, and Keep. What’s great about these tools is that they can be accessed without downloading any software. All a user does is log in to his G-Suite account and he’s good to go.

2. Collaboration tools: The ability to collaborate and connect with anyone in the world is an essential part of running an online business. This is why G-Suite integrated Gmail, Google Plus, Hangouts, and Calendars into their platform. These are web programs that an entrepreneur can utilize to set up meetings, chats, talks, and basically a communication line for employees, customers, or business partners. Again, these programs can be accessed with a single log-in account.

3. Powerful data storage: There are two very important tools in G-Suite that make it very easy to store and access data. These tools are Drive and Google Cloud Search. Drive is used for storing and sharing files while the Google Cloud Search is used for finding bits of data from an entire G-Suite account.

4. Independent control over resources and data: Users has complete control over the data, sites, and resources that they upload or create using any of the tools and services through G-Suite. Users can also securely integrate their G-Suite account with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Needless to say, Google Apps for business is something that online entrepreneurs should seriously consider. It’s not that expensive to get a basic G-Suite account. The starting amount is only $5 a month. That’s very minimal given the various tools, applications, and programs that come with the account.

Simplify Your Business with Innovative Google Cloud Services

If you don’t have the right tools and software, managing an online business in Malaysia can be very frustrating. This is especially true if you process your paperwork the traditional way. To streamline your paperwork, get an account with Google to make use of the Google Cloud Platform. This software offers a variety of products and services which you can easily use to run your business. Follow our guide on how to use Google Cloud Services to simplify your business.

Google Cloud Services


The Google Cloud platform offers a range of services that will contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of your company. Here’s a quick list of some of the available products and services:

  1. Google Compute Engine – Enables you to launch virtual machines on demand.


  1. Google App Engine – Encourages you to develop, create, and host your web applications in Google’s data centres.


  1. Bigtable – A proprietary data storage system that secures your files and information.


  1. BigQuery – If you deal with tons of data sets, BigQuery is helpful in analyzing your data in conjunction with Google Storage.


  1. Google Cloud Datastore – This is a NoSQL database service that’s fully managed and highly scalable.


  1. Cloud Pub/Sub – Enables you to publish and subscribe to messages and data streams. You can directly integrate this service with other web applications.


  1. Google Storage – If you need space beyond what is offered by Google Drive, this is the service you should get to meet your data needs.


  1. Google Container Engine – Powered by Kubernetes, the Google Container Engine helps you deploy, manage, and scale containerized web applications.


Why The Google Cloud Platform Is Great For Your Business


  • It’s easy to get started. Yes, a lot of the tools and software are very technical in nature but you will still be able to use them when following Google’s guidelines. In fact, there are 10-minute tutorials for every product or service that you want to utilize. These tutorials provide you with the knowledge you need to get started.


  • It’s easy to migrate your data and applications from other companies. Transferring your computing workload to the Google Cloud is free. Google offers a cloud migration tutorial which shows you exactly what you need to do to transfer your data and content to the Google Cloud.


  • You have access to management and developer tools. These tools include monitoring, logging, and diagnostic tools. If you want to develop and create your own applications, you can do so using the cloud’s command-line interface.


  • It’s great for mobile applications. Chances are most of your customers have mobile phones. The Google Cloud Platform has tools and programs that you can use to make your own mobile apps that directly address your target customers.


If you want to manage and build your online business to be more efficient, more responsive to your clients, and better suited for collaborative work, you need Google Cloud services. You no longer have to deal with exhaustive paperwork and other paper-based processes. Everything you need is provided by the Google Cloud Platform! If you need more information on Google Cloud services in Malaysia, contact us today!

Top 5 Best Web Hosting In Malaysia

Web Hosting

With hundreds of options on the market, it can get pretty tedious when looking for the best Malaysia web hosting service. We make it easier for you by narrowing down the five best web hosting in the country:

  1. Sempoi Hosting

Priced at RM 500 per year, Sempoi Hosting’s key features include daily backup, cPanel and Softaculous, unlimited add-on domains, 100GB disk transfer, and 10GB disk space. The host has a speed of 226 ms (in Asia). It’s a great host if you have a global audience.

  1. HostGator Cloud

Priced at RM 412 per year, HostGator Cloud’s key features include cPanel, easy scalability, fast load time, unlimited disk transfer, and unlimited disk space. The host has a speed of 189 ms (in Asia). For those who want to save more and need a guaranteed reliability and speed, this is the top choice.

  1. Inmotion Hosting

Priced at RM 215 per year, Inmotion Hosting’s key features include 24×7 US support, SSH access, unlimited data transfer, Max Speed Zones, and free domain name. The host has a speed of 199 ms (in Asia). With its unlimited bandwidth and storage, you get to save more on your resources. The host is also a good choice if you have a global audience.

  1. Site Ground

Priced at RM 213.30 per year, Site Ground’s key features include free daily backup, free Cloudflare CDN, cPanel and SSH access, 10k visits per month, and 10GB SSD storage. The host has a speed of 60 ms (in Asia), making it the fastest host in Malaysia. What’s more, it also happens to be the most affordable web host, perfect if you want to get a bang for your buck.

  1. Exabytes

Priced at RM 269 per year, Exabyte’s key features include 24×7 e-mail support, WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, 100GB disk transfer, and 50GB disk space. The host has a speed of 68 ms (in Asia). If you have a Malaysian-majority audience, this might be for you.


Since signing up for a web host can be pricey, make sure you do enough research and read all the user reviews that you can find. You can also ask around for more info before deciding on the best Malaysia web hosting for your business or personal website.

best Malaysia web hosting for your business or personal website

3 Best Tools for Startups to Streamline Workflows and Communication

TAs an entrepreneur, the success of your business is your priority. Many concerns have to be taken into consideration like the workplace itself, employees, and especially business guidelines and procedures.

Business direction and procedures are one of the most vital concerns that need to be addressed as this will define the overall workflow of your business. In implementing them, business owners need to establish an excellent communication system. Making sure that every employee understands the protocols and guidelines is the turning point to run a business smoothly and efficiently.

If you are looking for simple ways to begin streamlining communication system, you may want to consider the following tools:1

  1. Google Hangout
  • Google Hangout is a chat software by Google. Best used by business owners, Google Hangout has many features such as instant message and video call and conference. If you are a business owner who has clients based overseas, you may be able to utilize this as well, as their video calls are free, provided that the other party is also a Google Hangout user. But its use is not limited to the executives only. In fact, using a chat software for the employees to interact quickly could result in a stronger camaraderie among them.2
  1. Google Drive
  • Google Drive is a cloud-based storage that offers a large capacity and has all the right features to keep all the data of your company safe. It also enables file sharing so you can instantly share folders and documents with the whole organization. What’s more, you can also invite particular employees to edit the shared files. Providing a shared server to allow sharing among your employees as well as to store files would make workflow a bliss.3
  1. G Suite by Google Cloud
  • This tool will help your business through features such as customized e-mail domain, instant compatibility with a wide array of interfaces, spam protection, and security. As early as the beginning of your business, it would be best to have one common email where your clients and other business partners may send their concerns. This builds an impression that the customer is consistently taken care of with immediate assistance provided via the designated email address. This particular service may be made available through the G Suite by Google Cloud. The system also has features such as automatic reply or notification, allowing you to know any pending request that has not been resolved yet within a given time.

Having a good communication line within your own business is one of the keys to the success of your business. If you wish to look for other options other than what we have mentioned above, you can choose from many of the Google Apps for work. As well as being widely available, they can also be tailor-fitted to your needs and preferences.

4 Important Factors You Should Consider When Getting An Email Hosting Service

TIf you are managing a website, whether for personal reasons or business purposes, it’s highly recommended that you avail of an email hosting service. The service will serve as your official channel for communicating with customers, visitors, and business partners. Now, not all email services are the same. The features and functions you get will depend on the hosting company you hire. With that said, below are some of the most important factors you must take into account when looking for an email hosting company.1

  1. Archiving and storage – In this age wherein you get dozens of messages in a single day, it’s important that there’s a system in place to sort out the messages based on categories. For example, critical messages should be highlighted so that these are the ones you read first. You should also be able to create inboxes depending on the sources of the messages.BMI Salaf Ramadan Promo (A5 Flyer)
  2. Security – Hackers and spammers often target weak email systems to hack into websites and steal data and other essential information. You can minimize this risk by getting the services of a company that offers a secure and updated email system.3
  3. Administration and ease of use – You should have complete control over your emails. You should have the freedom to configure features and functions based on your preferences. The system must also be easy to use so that anyone in your business can access and manage the emails.4
  4. Flexibility – This means that you can upgrade your account whenever you want. This is particularly the case if you only have access to a limited set of features and functions.

It’s paramount that you get in touch with a representative of the company so that you can verify the kind of services to get when you strike a deal with them. When you contact an email hosting service, don’t forget to ask for a complete overview of the features and functions that they are offering. The more you understand what you are getting yourself into, the better it will be for you and your business. Having an efficient email system is very instrumental to success when it comes to running online businesses.