Examining The Pros And Cons Of Colocation Hosting


Your web-based business needs one critical piece of equipment to exist — a server. Even when you own the server, if it is located at a business providing server-hosting services instead of where you do business, you are taking part in colocation hosting.

If you are considering server colocation in Malaysia, the following pros and cons will help you to assess whether or not it is a good fit for your business needs.



  1. Greater Bandwidth


You get more bandwidth at a much lower price than when hosting at your business. That’s because colocation hosting sites usually have a premium bandwidth to ensure fast loading times for your website.2

  1. Better Power Backup and Security


Your colocation host typically has excellent power back-up services available during power outages. That means your website won’t crash just because a power line is down. You also will benefit from the most advanced security to prevent hacks and other attacks on your server.3

  1. Easier to Upgrade


When you take part in colocation hosting, the server belongs to you. That means you can switch it out anytime you want to upgrade your server and what it can do for your business.



  1. Higher Startup Cost


Because you are using your own server, it will cost you more to set up your website or migrate it to your own server than when using a web-hosting service. You also need to buy your own hardware and software, which means higher initial costs to do business.5

  1. Colocation Services Vary


Not all colocation services are the same, and you will have to perform a diligent search to ensure you get the right server colocation in Malaysia. Among factors to consider are cost, proximity to your business, and services provided.6

  1. Higher Maintenance Costs


When you own a server, you have to maintain it. That means you have to pay someone to maintain your off-site server, and that can be costly. You also might have down times while your server is maintained, and that can mean lost business and higher costs.

When choosing whether to use colocation hosting or opting for a web-hosting service provider, you need to assess your business needs versus the pros and cons of colocation hosting. When the services and security provided outweigh the cost to obtain them via colocation hosting, it might be the right choice for you.