Google Apps For Work: The Best Way To Properly Manage And Grow An Online Business


One of the drawbacks of running an online business is that the technical aspects of it can cause a lot of wasted time and resources. This is especially true for entrepreneurs who are not that familiar with digital tools and applications. The good news is that there’s a really practical solution for online entrepreneurs who are not that tech-savvy. And this solution is Google Apps for Work, now more popularly known as G-Suite. Owned and operated by the search giant Google, G-Suite contains several tools and applications that make it easier to run and manage an online venture.

The Main Features of G-Suite

1. Content-creation tools: G-Suite comes with a full array of applications that enable users to create, edit, and save content. This content can be in the form of textual documents, videos, photos, presentations, spreadsheets, or a combination of all these types of files. These files can be created using Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Sites, and Keep. What’s great about these tools is that they can be accessed without downloading any software. All a user does is log in to his G-Suite account and he’s good to go.

2. Collaboration tools: The ability to collaborate and connect with anyone in the world is an essential part of running an online business. This is why G-Suite integrated Gmail, Google Plus, Hangouts, and Calendars into their platform. These are web programs that an entrepreneur can utilize to set up meetings, chats, talks, and basically a communication line for employees, customers, or business partners. Again, these programs can be accessed with a single log-in account.

3. Powerful data storage: There are two very important tools in G-Suite that make it very easy to store and access data. These tools are Drive and Google Cloud Search. Drive is used for storing and sharing files while the Google Cloud Search is used for finding bits of data from an entire G-Suite account.

4. Independent control over resources and data: Users has complete control over the data, sites, and resources that they upload or create using any of the tools and services through G-Suite. Users can also securely integrate their G-Suite account with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Needless to say, Google Apps for business is something that online entrepreneurs should seriously consider. It’s not that expensive to get a basic G-Suite account. The starting amount is only $5 a month. That’s very minimal given the various tools, applications, and programs that come with the account.