What Is Server Colocation?

In the simplest of terms, server colocation involves housing your servers and networking equipment in a data center owned by a third party. In short, you provide the equipment and the data center provides the necessary power, ping, pipe, bandwidth, and rack. On top of providing you space for your servers, the data center is also responsible for making sure that your servers are deployed and managed properly.


Main Reasons Why You Should Choose Colocation

1. Less IT Infrastructure and Management Expenses

Always keep in mind that colocation enables you to use as leverage the resources that a data center has. You make use of these resources at a fraction of the cost. Colocation can cut down your IT expenses in half or more; depending on the size of the racks that you are going to rent.


2. More Reliable And Higher Uptime Rate

Colocation data centers usually offer network reliability of 99% or above. This means that your servers will rarely go offline. This is very important if your business relies on customers who purchase your products or services right from your website.


3. Customer Support That Runs 24/7

Whenever you come across a problem, you can always call or message the data center anytime during the day or night. With around the clock support, you don’t have to worry about massive losses during downtimes.


4. Better Data Security And Protection

What’s great about colocation data centers is that they often use several levels of security systems. That said, you are confident that your sensitive data will never fall into the hands of hackers, scammers, or phishers.


5. Easier To Scale

You can always update and expand your bandwidth depending on the growth of your website. Updating your servers can take just a few minutes.


In conclusion, this setup is a great option for small to medium businesses who want the features and functions of a huge IT department without the astronomical costs. The good news is that there are several data centers which offer server colocation in Malaysia. It’s advisable that you choose the center that’s nearest your business location for easier access and overall convenience.