Simplify Your Business with Innovative Google Cloud Services

If you don’t have the right tools and software, managing an online business in Malaysia can be very frustrating. This is especially true if you process your paperwork the traditional way. To streamline your paperwork, get an account with Google to make use of the Google Cloud Platform. This software offers a variety of products and services which you can easily use to run your business. Follow our guide on how to use Google Cloud Services to simplify your business.

Google Cloud Services


The Google Cloud platform offers a range of services that will contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of your company. Here’s a quick list of some of the available products and services:

  1. Google Compute Engine – Enables you to launch virtual machines on demand.


  1. Google App Engine – Encourages you to develop, create, and host your web applications in Google’s data centres.


  1. Bigtable – A proprietary data storage system that secures your files and information.


  1. BigQuery – If you deal with tons of data sets, BigQuery is helpful in analyzing your data in conjunction with Google Storage.


  1. Google Cloud Datastore – This is a NoSQL database service that’s fully managed and highly scalable.


  1. Cloud Pub/Sub – Enables you to publish and subscribe to messages and data streams. You can directly integrate this service with other web applications.


  1. Google Storage – If you need space beyond what is offered by Google Drive, this is the service you should get to meet your data needs.


  1. Google Container Engine – Powered by Kubernetes, the Google Container Engine helps you deploy, manage, and scale containerized web applications.


Why The Google Cloud Platform Is Great For Your Business


  • It’s easy to get started. Yes, a lot of the tools and software are very technical in nature but you will still be able to use them when following Google’s guidelines. In fact, there are 10-minute tutorials for every product or service that you want to utilize. These tutorials provide you with the knowledge you need to get started.


  • It’s easy to migrate your data and applications from other companies. Transferring your computing workload to the Google Cloud is free. Google offers a cloud migration tutorial which shows you exactly what you need to do to transfer your data and content to the Google Cloud.


  • You have access to management and developer tools. These tools include monitoring, logging, and diagnostic tools. If you want to develop and create your own applications, you can do so using the cloud’s command-line interface.


  • It’s great for mobile applications. Chances are most of your customers have mobile phones. The Google Cloud Platform has tools and programs that you can use to make your own mobile apps that directly address your target customers.


If you want to manage and build your online business to be more efficient, more responsive to your clients, and better suited for collaborative work, you need Google Cloud services. You no longer have to deal with exhaustive paperwork and other paper-based processes. Everything you need is provided by the Google Cloud Platform! If you need more information on Google Cloud services in Malaysia, contact us today!