Website Insight – 6 Important Facts You Need to Know about Owning a Website


Malaysia is greatly focused on bringing its tech forward, and that’s why most of its population is always connected to the internet. And where there are lots of people, there are lots of businesses looking to engage potential buyers. These days, nearly every business in Malaysia has a website to its name to help widen its reach and persuade prospects towards profitable consumer action. Unfortunately for some business owners, while a website does seem like a great way to interact with a target market, owning and managing one isn’t quite as simple. Before you buy a domain, be sure to read through these 6 must-know facts to help ease the process of owning a website.1

  1. Downtime Can Cost Money – Once you start managing your website, it will become apparent that every second that it’s available to your market counts. It’s ideal to shop around for only the best web hosting services in Malaysia to ensure your website is up and running 24/7, especially if you cater to worldwide consumers.2 2. Regular Maintenance is Required – Tech is always changing, and that’s why you need to update your codes on a regular basis. Be sure to have your website checked and maintained by an IT professional at least once a month to keep it up to date with the latest best practices.3 3.            You Get What You Pay For – Just because you know a guy who made a website once as a school project doesn’t mean you should hire him to do yours for a lower cost. Trust only professional web designers and coders, because the quality of your site will determine how well your market interacts with it.4 4.           The Internet is a Big Place – If you thought you could put up a website and it would be easily found by your market, you thought wrong. The internet is a big, big place and there are millions of other websites out there. That’s why aside from the website itself, you may also have to invest in SEO.55.             It Takes Time – Websites aren’t made overnight. Development time can take a while but often, developers struggle to meet deadlines, not because of their own mistakes and lapses but because clients failed to sign documents, send important pictures, or respond to design concerns sooner. Be sure to coordinate with your developer and answer their emails or messages as soon as possible to prevent any road blocks.6
  2. 6.           There will Always Be Problems – Visitors and online shoppers will almost always encounter problems while buying things off of your website. It’s ideal to have a dedicated website manager available at all times to address any issues and concerns visitors might have while navigating through the different pages.

No doubt, owning and managing a website can be a challenge. But with the right know-how, you can make the entire process problem-free. Keep these 6 facts in mind when you start to set up your site and get nothing but the best out of your little corner of the internet.