Web Hosting in Malaysia

Malaysia Web Hosting

Looking for web hosting for your business? You’ve come to the right place! Web Hosting Malaysia provides a free and comprehensive guide about getting your website online. We also list the recommended web hosting providers in Malaysia.

Why get a website for your business?
In 2013, there are 17.8 million Malaysians that have Internet access, i.e. 61% of the population is online – making the Internet the biggest, single medium. These Malaysians communicate, shop and research for products and services online, so if you still don’t have a website for your business, you’re missing out a great deal.

What do you need to get your business online?
To have your own website, you need to these:
1. Register a domain name, e.g. mycompany.com.my
2. Subscribe to a web hosting service.
3. Engage a web designer to design your website.

How web hosting works?
When you purchase a web hosting plan, you’re basically paying for the:
a) server: which is basically a computer with special software and that’s switched on 24/7.
b) bandwidth: like your Streamyx at home, so your visitors can access the server in (a).
c) datacentre: where the server is kept in racks and has airconditioning, fire system, etc.
d) services: by network engineers such as doing backups, helping reboot the server, etc.

There are basically 3 types of hosting:
a) Shared Hosting – cheapest and least powerful.
b) VPS Hosting
c) Dedicated Hosting – most expensive and most powerful.

There is actually a fourth variant called Cloud Hosting, but this service only applies to a specific niche of customers who require powerful computing resources. For most local SMEs who only want a presence for their business on the Internet, a basic shared hosting plan will suffice.

Once you’ve decided on the type of hosting you require, visit our list of recommended Malaysian web hosting companies or check out the promotion category on the right, to get the latest web hosting offers.

Beyond Web Hosting – Website Promotion
After getting your website online, the next step is to promote it because there is no point in having a beautiful business website that NOBODY knows about or visits. One of the most important sources of traffic is Google and there are two ways to promote your website on the world’s biggest search engine – through SEO and Google AdWords.

Note: the government is currently giving an RM1,000 grant through a program called GMBO, as an incentive for companies to get their business online.