Datuk Vinod Sekhar – The Comeback Kid

When the word ‘comeback’ comes to mind, one would associate it with heroes or inspirational figures that have been killed-off but managed to rise from the ashes stronger, like a phoenix.

Comebacks are not for the weak hearted or the ones who give up easily in the face of adversity. No, comebacks are for the strong. In order to make a comeback, one must first have the strength to persevere through hardships. And Vinod Sekhar was one individual who possessed the mental and spiritual strength to go through hardships and rise from it stronger to make his comeback.

At one point in his professional career, Vinod Sekhar was at the lowest point in business. And he moved towards the only direction which he knew – up.

Before the crash, he had invested money overseas and the pay offs were beginning to show. The time was ripe for his comeback, but first he had to decide in which direction he wanted to move or as he puts it, “whether to depend on friends and government contracts or go back to what I believe in … go back to technology and the toys I believe in.”

There were Bill Clinton in 1992, George W Bush in 2004, Donald Trump in 1994 and Liverpool in 2005. All great and famous comebacks, and while Vinod may not have been internationally renowned as them at that time, nature of his return was something not to be ignored. Also See: Bill Clinton Compliments Vinod Sekhar

Vinod’s comeback was no less just as impressive. The key to his and The Petra Group’s comeback is one of the company’s anchor technologies developed by his father, the late Tan Sri Dr BC Sekhar.

The older Sekhar helped cultivate the strong feeling of nationalism and patriotism that is apparent in Vinod today. The first Asian Director of the Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia and the recipient of the 1973 Ramon Magsaysay Award for Government Service, B.C Sekhar or “Mr Natural Rubber” as he is fondly called, developed a technique for the recycling of vulcanised rubber and it was this that Vinod decided to venture into for his business comeback.

The rest is now history and now his company, Green Rubber Global Ltd is providing the technology to Timberland branded shoes too.