Dedicated Server

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What is a dedicated server?
Unlike shared hosting or VPS hosting, you get the entire server to yourself with dedicated web hosting – there is no sharing of server resources, hence, the term dedicated server. You have full control over the dedicated server – you can add as many accounts, domains, subdomains, emails, etc. as you want. You can also upgrade/downgrade the server parts as you wish.

However, you do not own the server. That is called co-location, i.e. purchasing your own server and leaving it with the web hosting provider to place and manage it in a datacentre.

How am I charged for dedicated hosting?
It depends on the dedicated server that you picked and differentiated by the CPU, memory, hard disk and bandwith – some hosting providers guarantee you a minimum Internet speed and some provide unmetered bandwidth.

A Quad Core 3.3GHz Xeon, 32GB ECC Memory, 2x1GB SATA HDD and 1Mbps bandwidth can set you back by RM700 a month, when paid upfront on a 2-yearly basis. In addition, some hosting providers charge insane setup fees, for example Exabytes charges RM2,500 for setup.

What are the things I should consider for my dedicated server?
In addition to the things to consider for shared hosting, you also have to consider the following:

a) cPanel/WHM: to manage your server and can cost an additional of up to RM150/mth.
b) Managed Plan: services like monitoring, backups, reboots, etc. and can cost RM150/mth.
c) RAID: hard disk configuration, e.g. RAID 0 mirrors the content of one hard disk to another.
d) IP Address: additonal IP addresses differ between providers and can cost up to RM10/mth.
e) More Bandwidth: can be as low RM50 per Mbps per month, for local Malaysian bandwidth.
f) Security: software or hardware firewall, server hardening services, DDOS protection, etc.
g) Backup: on-site or off-site, by the hosting provider or 3rd party services like

How long do I have to wait until I can use my dedicated server?
Setup for a dedicated server depends on availability. Some web hosting providers have ready-made servers, but typically it takes between 3- 14 working days.

Where to get dedicated servers in Malaysia?
A sample list of recommended providers in the country:
1. TheGigabit
2. Exabytes
3. IPServerOne
4. Shinjuru