Green Rubber Global: Saving Wastage Through Green Rubber

The Petra Group is known as an interesting mix of paradigm shifting companies which seek to commercialize recycled rubber through its subsidiary company Green Rubber Global Ltd.

Green Rubber has differentiated itself from other self-proclaimed ‘recycled’ rubber by patenting the DeLink process which devulcanizes and revulcanises rubber to be remade into a host of high end applications that includes tires to sporting goods. This also includes a deal with Timberland shoes that is now using 50% Green Rubber soles in stores.

The Green Rubber Global’s technology benchmarks the efforts and passion devoted by Datuk Vinod Sekhar, the Chairman and CEO of the Petra Group, which is named after his daughter, Petra.

Vinod emphasized the seriousness in disposing 1.3 billion tires yearly, as it causes water pollution and becomes the habitat for disease carrying insects.

He believe that with Green Rubber’s environmentally friendly technology, waster rubber can be recycled in a cost effective manner while providing customers with high quality customized compounds that are no more expensive than virgin rubber.

Green Rubber recycles an equivalent of more than 200 million discarded tires yearly since 2012. This was made possible through the launching of an aggressive expansion program that it is now opening new manufacturing plants in the Americas, the Middle East, Asia and Europe. Its first US plant, located in Georgia is fully operational.

The technology was developed by Vinod’s father, the late Tan Sri BC Sekhar, who was the chairman of the Malaysian Rubber Research Development Board and known affectionately as the father of Malaysia’s modern rubber industry, The DeLink process is the benchmark of the Green Rubber technology.

The importance of recycling rubber is increasing every year in tandem with theincreasing virgin rubber prices. China and India are among the biggest users of virgin rubber, while synthetic rubber is now growing more expensive as it is a product linked to the price of oil.

Green Rubber, on the other hand can be produced at a cost that is competitive with virgin rubber and reduce wastage at the same time. Hence, the prospects for this type of recycled rubber is growing by the day. Vinod Sekhar is now at the forefront of reaping the benefits of such growth.