The Top 4 Webhosting Companies Offering VPS Hosting In Malaysia

Image result for VPS HostingIf you run a website which is based in Malaysia, it’s advisable that you get your hosting services from a local hosting provider. With regards to your hosting options, you have numerous plans to choose from. However, it’s recommended that you avail yourself of a Virtual Private Server, or VPS, since it offers a wider range of features and functions. A Virtual Private Server gives you an enhanced security, customization options, more control, and dedicated resources. Below is a quick overview of four of the most reliable companies offering VPS hosting service in Malaysia:

  1. The Gigabit – This company offers high-quality Linux and Windows VPS hosting. Both of these choices give you full administrator access, allow you to make your own security settings, and provide you with the option to configure your virtual server. And of course, you also get the following features: dedicated IP, reserved RAM, TUN/TAP support, free reboot, optional weekly backup, and a 30-day money back guarantee.
  2. Server Freak – As one of the pioneers of hosting services in Malaysia, Server Freak has the infrastructure as well as the manpower to provide you with everything you need. The company offers two main types of VPS hosting and these are Linux VPS and Windows VPS. With the Linux VPS plan, your website will be hosted on a dedicated IP, you’ll have full root access, get a cPanel license, and can host an unlimited number of websites. You also get these features if you go with the Windows VPS. To top it all, you can upgrade your server anytime you want.
  3. Exabytes Network – This company also makes use of Linux for its VPS service. If you get this plan, you will be provided with enterprise disk storage, full root access, 10Mbps bandwidth, 99.9% guaranteed uptime rate, and 24/7 support. Another great feature of this plan is its instant automated deployment. After paying for the services, the system will immediately deploy your server within seconds. You don’t have to wait at all.
  4. Shinjiru – Just like Server Freak, Shinjiru also offers Linux VPS and Windows VPS. Both plans offer the following features: 24/7 technical support, free IP address, premium Dell hardware, solid state drive, firewall protection, immediate setup, full root access, data backup, efficient security, network monitoring, and VIP managed support. In a nutshell, Shinjiru offers a very comprehensive hosting plan that has almost everything you need for your website.

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Let these companies be on top of your priority list when looking for a reliable VPS hosting service. Not only do they offer high-quality services, their customer support systems are also dependable. In the event that you come across a problem with your website’s server, technicians from the support team will immediately be dispatched to fix your problems.